Hello! I am Moi and this is my blog – Bookish Blunders. (I ALWAYS have to start with the most obvious sentence in the world)

This blog is basically me droning on about whatever. Stay tuned if you dare!

So… check out my blogs and maybe, if you like, follow me! Thanks and have a good day/night!!

All of my blogs are based on my own opinion. No post is targeted against any individual and no post is meant to hurt anyone. If some posts do seem offensive, I deeply apologize.


  • Hiatus update
    Hello guys! This is a quick post to tell you that my break is gonna be extended quite a bit longer… I’m working on some super big stuff and I just need some more time. Thanks for understanding!
  • Important Announcement!
    Hey! As I have a lot of stuff coming up, I can’t post till January about 15th January. Sorry!
  • Time Dilation vs Time Travel
    First off, what’s time dilation? According to Wikipedia, this is it… Time dilation is a difference in the elapsed time as measured by two clocks due to a relative velocity between them or to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations.  But that is very hard, so here’s what you need to know. The faster you moveContinue reading “Time Dilation vs Time Travel”
  • Comedy and Humor
    Everybody likes humor, right? We all like laughing. If you don’t, you require help. If you do, you require this post.
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