A discussion about Time and Space and… Space-Time?

Have you ever wondered why time seems to go faster at times (Heh. Times.) and then suddenly a second feels like an hour?

Well, I have. And I’m here to talk about it. And just “time” stuff in general. Okay, let’s go!


So what is “Time” exactly? Is it something that is physical? Or is it something that just us humans have cooked up?

Fun fact : Some equations that “describe the universe” don’t actually take time as a variable. Woah…

Time has fascinated us humans for centuries! We have been obsessed with the concept of time for ages! Think of all the sundials and hourglasses and whatever.

We measure time, yes.

But what is it exactly that we are measuring? Are we measuring something that even exists? Does time even exist? Is the answer to life, the universe and everything 4? Is cereal a soup?

These questions have been debated upon for millenia. And no one still knows the answer! No one probably ever will!!

So at least we know that time and space are not interconnected, right? Nope! Einstein HAD to make Physics too complicated! (But it’s okay cause I actually like astrophysics)

You see, Einstein said that the faster you move, the slower time gets. (Wait…We don’t move anywhere during classes…)

So yay Einstein! Congratulations! You just included a whole chapter on the Physics textbooks!😑

There’s actually something called “The Twin Paradox” that actually debunks the myths of the Theory of Everything General Relativity.

I’ll provide a link to a super awesome video that explained it briefly but thoroughly. Check it out HERE if you have the time.

So long story short,

  • No human knows what time is (even though we created the concept)
  • No one can agree if cereal IS a soup
  • Einstein made Physics harder
  • I’m tired so this post is done.

See you soon!



12 thoughts on “A discussion about Time and Space and… Space-Time?

  1. Woo! Time is so weird 😂💕 I prefer seeing where the sun is in the sky to looking at the face of a clock. Seeing what nature’s doing feels more natural to me. (Get it? Nature? Unintentional joke 😂)
    Haha you crack me up! I took Physics and Einstein’s theories and things still confuzzle me… 🤔 like I’m not saying he’s wrong but I’d have to study his findings and stuff more to get it 😂

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  2. i was once curious about the laws of motion, only because i figured out that isaac newton died a virgin 😂😂 but i wish i could find physics more funner [nope, the word should be on the dictionary] other than the scientist’s virginity as a reason of curiousity 😂😂

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  3. I’ve written a post on time as well (long time ago😂). It’s always been a fascinating subject to me. I’ve watched that video before too. I’m actually grateful we have all those chapters and theories. I feel like we’d go insane if we didn’t have answers to anything. Interesting post, Moi!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr. I’m one of those people that always questions things. I’m interested in the ‘why’ of things, and it’s great to know that there’s still a lot of unknown we’ve yet to discover!

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