Comedy and Humor

Everybody likes humor, right? We all like laughing. If you don’t, you require help. If you do, you require this post.

I’ve met many people who, for some reason, think comedy is hard. Uh, you couldn’t be more wrong. Comedy is actually really easy, but many think that it is scary.

Humor is a skill. No one is shown a secret book with limitless knowledge on how to be funny. (At least, not to my knowledge) If humor is a skill, you can learn it! And it’s easy.

Perspective : We all have our own unique perspective of things. Everyone’s view is different. We can use this perspective as a mode of incorporating humor in our day to day lives.

If you’ve noticed any stand-up comedy that’s remotely funny, you’ll know that the artist actually narrates their experience with their spin on things.

This way, you can connect with audiences as a human and make them smile.

Punchline : Another thing you can do is to suddenly say something unexpected. Essentially, drive your audience along with you on a path and then suddenly turn them upside down. Aka, deliver the punchline.

Go from “what is” to “what if” : Instead of cracking jokes related to reality, what you can do is to imagine. This can result to a fun hypothetical that can leave your audiences in stitches if you do it right. (There’s a joke somewhere around here… stitches, punchline.)

Use wordplay : Use English words to essentially create puns and… word humor…(?) English is a weird language, and there’s a lot of funny words to work with. Use them to create comedy.

Provide details : Comedy requires details. Lots of them. That’s why Mad Libs are always super funny. The more details you provide, the funnier that incident will be.

Warning! Some people prefer sarcastic humor to other types. Be sure that if you try sarcasm, don’t go too far. (People have a tendency to go too far until the joke’s not even funny and just plain offensive. So just keep that in mind)


9 thoughts on “Comedy and Humor

  1. Great tips on humor! I definitely trust your advice on the subject.
    Also yeah. It’s especially hard to be sarcastic online. Like, if I were to say something like “This post isn’t funny at allllll,” on one of your posts, even if my intent is to be sarcastic, you can’t hear my tone and might actually think I don’t think your post is funny.
    (that’s just an example. I definitely think your posts are funny. 🙂

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    1. Exactly. That is the main reason why people use satire instead of sarcasm when they’re writing (You can see satire in work in my last 2 posts) And thanks so much, Diamond! You’re too kind! 😀

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