The Paradox

The Paradox is a long standing paradox
about paradoxes. People have thought about The Paradox since the beginning of time. The Paradox is quite a mind boggling one…

What is a paradox, anyway?

A paradox is a seemingly absurd or
contradictory statement or proposition
which when investigated may prove to
be well founded or true.

Many paradoxes are exactly like The Paradox. Paradoxical and tough to solve.

But The Paradox is more mysterious than other paradoxes.

The Paradox is about other paradoxes. Why are paradoxes formed? Who created ‘The Paradox’ Who created the word ‘paradox’? Is cereal a soup? Our ancestors have left these questions unanswered. And now, it’s upto US to
solve it.

But can we, though?

Unfortunately, no one has solved the paradox of The Paradox (The paradox about paradoxes.) Yet.

Will you be the first one?

The paradoxity level of the paradox of The Paradox is paradoxical.

Confused? You should be.

I found this when I dug through old MS Word documents. Isn’t it idiotic? 🤣

See you soon!

P.S : : I’ve decided to do an ‘Assumptions about Moi’ for the 75 followers thingy. Feel free to submit what you think of me in the comments! (Please refrain from asking me to answer very personal questions!)


7 thoughts on “The Paradox

  1. My brain = 🤯
    The paradox paradox 🤣
    Now for some assumptions!
    You’d rather read a book and stay home than go to a party
    You’re very interested in mind-boggling ideas
    You aren’t scared of bugs
    You like some strange food combinations 😂
    You organize your books in alphabetical order

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  2. I have read a few posts of yours so have my assumptions:
    1.You are an introvert
    2.You do not like to be lonely
    3.Umm…you love comedy
    4.You are an organised person

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  3. A paradox huh! I have learnt a little about it but yeah I agree It’s very confusing… btw nice to visit ur blogs. Looking for more bloggers to read. See u around
    Sending lots of wishes

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