80 followers special!


You read the title, you know what’s about to happen! I’m gonna be answering YOUR assumptions about Moi!

Naemi’s Assumptions

” I, for one, am guessing people probably mispronounce your name the French way a lot, since you had to explain that in your bio, and that you think it’s quite annoying? πŸ˜‚ “

So… uh, people actually don’t mispronounce my real name a lot. It’s actually a fairly common name. And also, I am not French!

And people that know Moi in real life don’t call me Moi. They just call me using my real name…

Not like this, obviously!

Akriti’s Assumptions

1. You like maths

Yep! I do! I don’t love math, but I like it. It’s interesting!

2. You are an introvert.

I guess I classify as an introvert, but it’s not exactly 100%, I think. The spectrum of introversion and extroversion is a tad confusing…

Where I stand on the spectrum of Introversion to Extroversion
Where I stand on the spectrum of Introversion

3. You don’t like sports

I actually love sports. I’m not very good at them, but I like playing and watching sports. They’re good fun!

4. You are 13.

Do I sound like I’m 13? πŸ˜‚ I’m not.

Rayna’s Assumptions

1. You’re about 13?

Nope. I’m not. (Do I honestly sound like I am? πŸ˜…)

2. You take (or have taken) art classes.

As fun as that sounds, I haven’t taken any sort of art classes. Hmm… maybe I’d like to sometime. Maybe.

3. You wear glasses.

Yep! I wear glasses! And I prefer them to contacts. I know, that’s kind of weird!

4. You’re funny.

I honestly can’t answer this question! It’s upto others! I like to think I’m kind of funny?

5. You have a cat (Idk why I think this. I even know you prefer dogs!).

Haha, nope. No cats. Technically, there are some stray kittens that i play with, but they’re not mine, per se.

Maggie’s Assumptions

1. You’d rather read a book and stay home than go to a party.

Yesss. 100% correct. Parties are overwhelming, and besides, books are better than parties any day. It’s the universal truth!🀣

2. You’re very interested in mind-boggling ideas.

Correct again! I’m very inquisitive and I love pushing boundaries! So naturally, I love paradoxes!

3. You aren’t scared of bugs.

I’m not scared of bugs, but some spiders do scare me. You know, the big, hairy, palm sized, huge ones.

4. You like some strange food combinations.πŸ˜‚

Haha, true.*grins sheepishly* But I detest PB&J. It’s just nauseating to me!

5. You organize your books in alphabetical order.

I organize my books chronologically. It makes it easier to take it out. For books that’s not a series, I arrange them according to the author.

Ananya’s Assumptions

1.You are an introvert.

Yep. Kind of. The answer’s above.

2.You do not like to be lonely.

I don’t like loneliness (who does?) but I rarely feel lonely and prefer solitude most of the time!

3.Umm…you love comedy.

Yeah! I love comedy! It’s fun!

4.You are an organised person.

Kind of, I guess. I’m not the most organized person ever, but I’m also not the clumsiest (?) person ever. I’m mostly organised. πŸ™‚


I’m creating a story writing contest! Yay! More details later as I’m running out of battery…

P.S : Feel free to give out more assumptions as I loved answering them and would like to see more!


12 thoughts on “80 followers special!

  1. I came across your blog and liked it….it’s amazing….I’m a new blogger. I would appreciate if you follow me ☺️ congrats for 80 followers ❀️

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  2. I loved this! I am always curious to know more about people, and I related to a lot! Especially being an introvert and wanting to stay home and read rather than going to parties πŸ˜‚ Those graphics were pretty cool, by the way! Though I might be even closer towards the introversion end of the scale 😁

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