My embarrassing weird old story


I was digging through my old art file (with stories and weird drawings of past Moi [between kindergarten and 3rd grade or so] ) and I found this masterpiece that I immediately knew I had to share it on my blog.

For the remainder of this post, please enjoy an amazing story written by Year Two Moi entitled – I and Sweety.

Here is a cat. She loves to play with wool. Sometimes she gets tangled with wool. (impressive English, past Moi) She loves to eat mice (poor mouse) and drink milk.

Like that, one day, when she is playing ball with me in the house. Suddenly, she looked frightened (I have to say, I am a bit proud of little Moi as she correctly spelled the word ‘frightened’!) and hid under the carpet.

Do you know what is her name? Her name is Sweety. (lol) I know the reason. Because there is a dog in my neighbour’s house. I said “That’s only a dog.” “Meow” she cried.

Then the next day we went to the park in the evening. She played and enjoyed with me. I rode my bycycle (not bicycle!) and the backside is Sweety! (nice choice of words right there.) She asked me “Meow!” That means bedtime stories. (We’ll casually ignore the fact that the protagonist aka Past Moi is secretly a cat whisperer.) My Mommy said Cinderella story to me and Sweety.

The next day was Sweety’s birthday! We celebrated her birthday. Sweety was so happy because she is 1 year old today. When she opened the gifts, (Sweety seems to have abnormal human-like tendencies to have the thought to open gifts instead of tearing them apart) her gifts were a teddy bear, a ball and wool in pink and blue colours. (My favourite colours back then!)

She also had a new belt (I meant collar. Lol!) discigned (I could spell “frightened” but couldn’t spell “designed”???) in butterfly and in black colour butterfly and white colour belt. I and Sweety will never forget this day…


I almost cracked open my sides laughing at this hogwash. Ooh, and I also drew Sweety the cat. Here’s a photo of that really terrific drawing, to delight the world…

I am a child art prodigy, right? πŸ˜‚ Just look at Sweety’s tail!

To be fair to past Moi, she was only 7 when she drew this. But still! (And English technically is my second language, but still…)

What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh on Past Moi? Or is this story the worst one you’ve ever read?

Let me know

in the comments below

(Hey, look at that! I’m a poet too! Watch out, poetry bloggers!)


22 thoughts on “My embarrassing weird old story

    1. Haha! Thank you Evin! (I don’t actually have a cat and I vividly remember wanting a dog. But unfortunately, I couldn’t draw one, so Sweety morphed into a cat instead if a dog! 🀣)

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  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I suddenly feel a lot better about my own childhood writing – I’m glad I’m not the only one cringing over my old masterpieces! Though for a seven-year-old, this is actually really good! Your spelling was definitely way better than mine, and so were your art skills!

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  2. π•Šπ•‘π•–π•”π•₯𝕒𝕔𝕦𝕝𝕒𝕣 π•Šπ•–π•π•šπ•Ÿπ•’ says:

    All I need to say is one word: hilarious!

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  3. Hehe, this was not actually that bad, Moi. For a 7 year old, the drawings and your English were quite good! (Year Two Moi has better handwriting that me now. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‚)

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