The Element(al)s – 2

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Earth huffed out a groan she’d been stifling for what seemed like an eternity. She had spent enough time staring at the huge Grandfather clock. Fire and Water grinned in unison. Earth’s patience – or lack thereof – was something they’d been teasing her about ever since she brought down the house once, in a fit of anger.

The three of them were waiting for Air, who had a revelation about something, had the audacity to tell the rest of the Elements to wait and promptly vanish. Water, ever placid, was lounging on the sky-blue couch. His idea of entertainment was to watch Fire pester Earth. For the past 15 minutes, Fire had been begging with Earth to create a Phoenix, which was something Fire tended to do when bored. (Earth had, many times, retaliated by creating a city named Phoenix, but Fire didn’t appreciate the humour there.)

Fire also brought up the subject when she wanted to start a debate – which Earth inwardly appreciated, though she’d never admit it. Air and Water usually misinterpreted their bickering and thought they were quarrelling. Earth rolled her eyes, smiling despite herself.

Earth regularly bickered with Fire. It was a good way to learn different views – vastly different views, in her opinion. Bold, sometimes too harsh, unnerving and ridiculously overconfident, Fire was the ultimate opponent to banter with. Air was mostly uncomfortable with confrontation and Water usually preferred light-hearted exchange of news – or at least that’s what he wants everyone to think. He sometimes had this wild gleam in his eyes and looked like he could (and would) drown you in an instant.

Feeling irrational chills, Earth made a mental note to be friendlier with him, deciding that it was the safest course forward.

She picked up The Globe and spun it around, going through all apocalyptic events happening on the planet. Many of them were wildfires. Making a face, Earth shot a quick glance at Fire, who was now listening to Water complain about melting glaciers. Her expression was one of immense boredom, her hair missing its signature fiery glow. Fire looked like she’d rather watch paint dry.

Earth felt a momentary sympathy for her, as the latter was an Element that liked to jump around a variety of topics and usually dominated conversation. Just as she was about to change the topic, Air materialized into the room without warning, something the rest of the crew was used to. He almost knocked down The Globe, making Water shout “No! I had so many more islands to dro-“

Earth was positive that sentence did not end well.

She turned to look at Air, whose usually dishevelled appearance was even more chaotic – something long thought impossible. He looked like he camped inside a whirlwind. “I’ve created the perfect presentation about the Unsolvable Case…”

“About the missing fireplace?” Water interrupted him, grinning at Fire. “I can explain. It wasn’t personal, Fire, but I just had to. Dominating the universe has long been one of my personal goals. It’s just that, with you around, it could be hard. Destroying the only place you were all-powerful was optimal.” Water addressed Fire, still lazily draped on the couch. “Uh… please tell me this is your warped idea of a joke?” Fire asked him incredulously.

“Let’s go with that for now.”

“I called it.” Air pointed a finger at Water, readily stepping back from him and Fire, who rolled her eyes at him. “What? I did. It’s always the quiet ones.”

Knocking down a lamp, he vaporized off again, but Earth didn’t blame him this time. Fire looked ready to strangle him and Water looked like he would videotape it. Earth did curse under her breath when she put it back on the table.

Air popped up again on the other side of the humongous room. “Right.” He said and nodded at the lamp. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t paying attention. I was thinking.” Air said, giving Earth a sheepish grin.

Earth was careful to not ask Air what he was thinking. She had asked him about it once, to be polite. She hadn’t anticipated the 30-minute monologue about the daily newspapers and their existence, something she had never ventured to question. The mere thought of the conversation gave her an existential crisis. She shuddered involuntarily.

Trying to bring back normality into the room, Earth asked Air about his big revelation. Air quickly lit up and took charge of the conversation again. “Okay, everyone here knows we get a daily newspaper, right?” The company nodded. “And everyone here reads it every day, right?” The company shook their heads.

“No one? It’s just me?” Air cocked his head in disbelief. “Well, I sometimes burn them up, whenever the fireplace is mysteriously locked.” Fire shot a death glare at Water, who merely shrugged, his sea-green eyes laughing.

“Okay then… If you do read the newspaper, you’ll realise that the events it covers happen after it is delivered. We have on our hands, comrades, a mystery!” Air beamed around in ecstasy, looking childishly excited by the idea. Earth realised the guy probably had little to do for fun. “Who even delivers the thing, anyway?” Earth asked the group, receiving blank stares and shrugs as answers. “Thanks. That helps.”

Fire harrumphed. “It must be Water. He’s the only Element that has a bicycle.” “Bicycle?” Earth asked her. She narrowed her eyes at Water. “No one mentioned a bicycle…”

“Ugh, how many times do I have to tell you, Fire? It’s not that kind of cycle. It’s a process, not a physical object.”

Fire muttered, ” Or that’s what you want us to think…”

I know, I know, my last post was also an installment of this series… Currently in a blogging slump right now, to be honest. I am thoroughly enjoying writing this series, even more than I’d like to admit. (Actually, I’m partially writing it for myself – they say you must do what you enjoy, don’t they? I’m currently fangirling all over this series, so allow me some time to be pleased with myself 😁)

I PROMISE next post will be a proper post. I just need some time to figure out where I am with my blog-ish writings…But don’t start cheering just yet, I’m not on a hiatus. Moi will return. (That makes me sound like a feared supervillain. I like it!)

I’m getting bored of this signoff. What do you say I remodel the blog?

19 thoughts on “The Element(al)s – 2

  1. I’m glad you’re having fun writing it, because I’m definitely having fun reading it!! 😃 So far the story and characters have been really good, and I like how you’re doing it from a different point of view each time, it really makes it interesting.
    I hope you have a good day! 🙂

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  2. Ooh, this was interesting to read. I love Water already… hehe. Looking forward to reading the next instalment of this series. ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thanks…Blue? Can I call you that?

      Water is one of my favourite characters too, he’s quite unlike any other characters I’ve written in the past! 😂 Thank you very much. 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m in love with this series! I used to check your site time and again to see if you’d uploaded the second instalment and you’ve done it 3 days ago. Trust me, we’re all fangirling over this series just as much as you are! 😉 This is really ingenious. I like fire’s somewhat sassy portrayal. Fire would rather watch paint dry. Lol. I felt that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I appreciate your sense of humor, Earth! Creating a city named Phoenix is THE perfect retaliation 🤣🤣
    Honestly, Moi, I’m really enjoying this! And I like your blog’s current look, but if you’d like to remodel, full steam ahead, I say!

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  5. I am definitely going to wait for this series even though I didn’t understand much of it most probably because I haven’t slept nicely. But good luck to u for writing your series.

    Liked by 2 people

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