The Element(al)s – 4

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Water didn’t even try to hide a groan when he magically materialized into the living room. The bane of the Elements’ existence. The door still shone with white-gold light, too harsh to admire.

“ ‘Tis I, Aether! Timeless. Formless. W-“

“Useless. Clueless.” Water interjected, smiling slyly. Earth shot him a warning scowl. Aether was in full “Element” form now, still blinding everyone. He was wearing an outfit that would’ve been in vogue more than 300 years ago. If his attire was bad enough, he also had shoulder-length liquid-gold hair, which wasn’t helping matters. “Look,” he said in a silvery voice. “I’m technically considered an Element. So it would be g-“

“Uh, no. You’re actually not an Element now… Shame, though.” Fire quipped with a sympathetic half-glance. Water tilted his head. What was she doing? Aether had already been pestering them for a couple hundred years. Fire’d complained about him as much, if not more than Water.

“I, personally, would love if you were one.” Fire continued. “You really put the ‘mental’ in Elemental, you know?” Aether made a strangled sound. Glaring at them all, he went up in smoke. Quite literally. Earth gaped at Fire, who gave her a self-satisfied smile.

“Oh boy, I’m getting real tired of Aether…” Air sighed, landing onto the couch beside Water. Fire gave them another wry smile, her brown eyes gleaming. Before she could begin, Water coughed meaningfully.

Taking the cue, Earth took the reins of the conversation. Fire, now distracted, would probably forget that snip of hers. As Air reached out for the newspaper, Fire’s sharp eyes caught the headlines. Aether’s proposal rejected yet again!

“Wait, how is this-? Wha-?” Fire sputtered out, eyes widening in shock. “I know! I’ve been trying to tell you for literally all of eternity!” Air sputtered back. Water tuned them all out and picked up The Globe to check on water currents. (And yes, Fire did think they were actual ‘currants’, like the fruit… Dumbo.)


Water watched The Globe in annoyance – vast amounts of plastic trash were being dumped into the seas today. It was usually annoying, but today was especially infuriating. He’d already groaned at his reflection – his eyes were more grey than blue and worse; his hair was oily. He felt, looked and probably smelled like a fish. A fish out of water, at least?

Smiling momentarily at his extremely witty wordplay, he absent-mindedly tugged at his hair, picking out a shard of plastic. His eyes darkened against his will – those pesky humans needed to be taught a lesson soon. Grinning maliciously, he envisioned a massive cyclone tearing away everything at its path. Better yet, a supermassive hurricane – like that one in New York a few years ago!

He clicked his tongue, vexed. Air needed to be on board for this plan though. Maybe a flood would do till then? Nah… Then Earth would be mad at him. She could be scary when she wanted to. Out of ideas, he decided he could wait till Earth accidentally caused an earthquake (knowing her, that wouldn’t be too long a wait) or something like that – that would certainly disturb the ocean floor and cause a tsunami. Ha!

He’d consulted Air about this Tsunami plan and Air’d seemed a bit unsure of it. Rubbing his hands with mock (or was it?) villainy, he momentarily forgot he was the equivalent of an immortal fish.

Earth winced at him, entering the room with a swoosh. “Yikes. I can almost see why you want to decimate the humans. Key word being almost.” Fire, who’d been bickering with Air, looked up and snickered, nudging Water gently. “You look like a fish.”

“I feel like a fish.” He groaned.  “A fish out of water, maybe?” She quipped back, trying to burn the wildflowers on Earth’s hair.

Earth shot her a death glare after she noticed. Fire looked away nonchalantly. Air tried not to laugh. Water rolled his eyes, smiling beside himself.

“Fire… What happened to that Phoenix petition of yours?” He said softly, hiding a smug grin. Now he just had to wait till Fire royally annoyed Earth (which was gonna be easy) and Earth blew her top; then his long-awaited Tsunami will have that final push it needed.

Earth sighed as Fire’s hair singed with excitement. “Ooh! I almost forgot about it!” With a quick thanks, she dashed out of the house, possibly to threaten to burn Earth’s garden.

Earth crumpled onto the floor and yawned lazily. “Thank you for that. She’ll be out of my hair for a while…” Water was about to say “Exactly!” when he remembered he wanted the opposite to happen.


“I threw it away.”

“You what?”

“Yeah, it was starting to get annoying.”

Air burst out laughing as Water sulked.

Heyy! Look at that, another Element(al)s post so soon! You’re all blessed with good fortune, aren’t you? 😂😁

I hope this instalment was okay-ish. I’m least in my element (Haha, geddit? Element?) when I write from Water’s POV – ironic as Water is my element according to my Zodiac sign.

Well, I’ll see you guys soon! I don’t have much to say here 😐

18 thoughts on “The Element(al)s – 4

    Kay, water is seriously WOAH. You weren’t kidding about the psychopathic-ness… o.o
    Enjoyed reading this, Moi!
    Keep those puns coming!

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  2. I loved this chapter! 👍👍 I feel kind of bad for Aether, he just wants to be part of the club 😁
    Water is so insane, but I don’t really blame him. I think it’s cool how you made him turn greasy because of the oil in the ocean.
    This series is just so great!! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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