Don’t punish me so
Do tell me what I should do
Come back to me, please

Thalia, one of the Nine Muses of Inspiration, deals with idyllic poetry and comedy.

5 thoughts on “Thalia

  1. Noice! Guessing this is a haiku? Nice and short! Liked it. Also why haven’t u posted in so long. AM MISSING UR POSTS! And we definitely need another elementals SOON!
    Either way loved this short poeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is… I even made sure all the syllables were correct! 🙃
    Aw, thanks! I had a lot on my plate and was stuck with a really terrible writer’s block and I needed a break.It was originally gonna be a short one, but eh.

    And yep, I’m working on the next post! Thank you Stara! Glad to know! ❤️


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