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I recently watched a documentary about the psychology involved behind grief and death, that stuff.

I also took some time to explore cryopreservation – the process of preserving your head (or whole body) for an indefinite amount of time. People do this to “escape” death as they believe in the future, there will be new tech that’ll allow them to live longer.

The people behind a particular cryogenic preservation centre believe that death is something to be conquered or eradicated – like smallpox or something – and that we’re just going along with it and lying to ourselves by saying that death gives life meaning.


3 thoughts on “Quick Discussion

  1. Personally I disagree with the whole idea. As a Christian, I believe death and pain entered the world as a result of our sin against God. I believe we all deserve every bit of it and more. We can’t conquer death, only Jesus can and did. He extended forgiveness to us that, after death on this earth, we may live eternally with Him. We have that only through His death and rising from the dead. But, if we don’t repent and believe, we will have eternal death, torture, and pain in hell.
    Pretty much, death isn’t something *we* (as sinful humans) can control, only God can. Our life on earth is a mere second is comparison to the eternity that awaits us.
    That was a lot, hopefully I made a little bit of sense.

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    1. Heyo Liz! I’m super sorry for the late reply! I may not be a Christian, but I do agree with you. I found it baffling that some people think we can “eradicate” death as if it’s a small thing. Death is a natural process all living things go through. It’s not something to be “conquered” or anything – we must learn to accept it and not be afraid. Or at least, that’s my view on it. I was genuinely surprised at that person’s determination that they could live indefinitely, so I wanted to check out others’ opinions on it. I love yours and agree with most of what you said.
      Thank you so much for commenting, Liz! I loved hearing your thoughts! ❤

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