The girl who hated water

There lived a girl who hated water
Because her arm was bitten by a ‘gator
But then one day it started to pour
And she kept crying, “Please, no more!”
But the people jeered, “Nothing’s the matter!”

So she left the town for good
And she was in a terrible mood
She wrestled a goat
Rode on a boat
And soon, hungry for food

The girl went to a place to dine
And as she stood in line,
A young man walked up to her
His face red with pleasure
Sputtered out, “Will you be mine?”

Of course, the girl said yes
He grinned, “Who am I? Can you guess?”
Before she could, the ‘gator turned her to pulp
And swallowed her in a big gulp
And wow, he really made a mess

Limericks are fun to write! Of course, this was pure nonsense – which I like most!

But anyway, I only wrote this poem just to sugarcoat a deeper, darker truth.

HIATUS. I’m gonna have to go on a hiatus. I’m sorry for practically disappearing again, but I have a lot to do this month and…yeah. :/

I will definitely be back by May. Definitely.

Have a consolation cookie to help alleviate the pain -> 🍪


12 thoughts on “The girl who hated water

  1. Ahhh yes limericks are the best when they are silly😂😂😂

    The poem was kinda funny. Well written Moi.

    Will miss you while you are on hiatus- be back soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The cookie part reminds me of mcgonagall *not me pretending it didn’t just take me 5 minutes to type mcgonagall* saying “Have a biscuit, Potter”
    Your Limerick was so silly and amazing at the same time😂
    Will miss when you are on hiatus! Have a great break, Moi!

    Liked by 2 people

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