ACoTaR was…something.

The fact that this book belongs to the genre “High Fantasy” tickles me to death.

And of course, the book cover instantly reminded me of Naemi’s hilarious guide to designing book covers. Do check it out!

SPOILERS AHEAD! (Also, if ACoTaR is your favourite book, please don’t read this review. You’ll hate me then.)

Feyre is a huntress. The skin of a wolf would bring enough gold to feed her sisters for a month. But the life of a magical creature comes at a steep price, and Feyre has just killed the wrong wolf... Taken prisoner by a High Fae Lord, Feyre learns that her masked captor is hiding even more than his piercing gaze suggests. But as Feyre's feelings for Tamlin begin to burn through every warning she's heard about his kind, a shadow is falling across the land. And if Feyre cannot fight it, she will lose everything...

So, erm. I don’t know how I feel about this book, to be honest. I had high expectations, since I’d heard countless praises about Sarah J. Maas’ books, but alas, I am feeling backkstabbed now.

The plot had such promise, too. I mean, it’s forbidden romance, right?! It’s always super popular with the (forgive me for the pun 🙈) Maases. There was no way this… romance (if you can even call it that) was gonna make me wince with disgust, right? Haha, wrong.

The whole “romance” part of the book was yuck. YUCK. And was also pretty explicit for a YA book. Very explicit, to be honest. I won’t say anything, except that it’s totally not YA level. I feel awkward just writing about it. 😶 And I’ve been hearing that it’s a (loose) Beauty and the Beast retelling of sorts, but I can’t see it anywhere. It’s more of Stockholm Syndrome if not anything. 👀

Also, the pacing was al over the place. The first few chapters were fast-paced but then became oh so slow for the remaining 90% of the book before going rapid in the last couple of chapters again. I wanted to put down this book and walk away so.many.times.

As far as the worldbuilding goes, it was mediocre at best. I would’ve liked to see some more of this world, its cultures and the Great War between Humans and Fae, but nope.

The plot goes somewhat like this – There are some mysterious Fae people living out somewhere. Our quirky, girlboss heroine Feyre who loves to paint, kills a wolf who happens to be a Faerie. So his brother or friend or somthing, Tamlin, whisks Feyre away to the land of the Fae and keeps her prisoner in his home (more like mansion) and then they fall in LoVe over the course of 200 slowly paced pages.

Then Tamlin says something on the likes of “Oh, I love you but I must send you away because you should stay away from me” and…you guessed it, you wonderful champ, sends her away. Then there’s a prophecy and Feyre must duke it out with the highly fearsome villain, Amarantha. She does so and conveniently “dies” and becomes an immortal Faerie. (Great, now we have to deal with this brat for eternity.) Then she and Tamlin live happily ever after… except not, so that you can buy all the trashy sequels.

Since there was pretty much no plot, for most of the book, I’ll move on to the main characters.

This is all of them in a nutshell, tbh –

Feyre (pronunced Fey-ruh, which we keep hearing every 2 pages) – An awful protagonist. Whiny, reckless and stupid. And very, very, very bland. Mind numbingly stupid. I have begun to loathe her with a passion. She always makes the stupidest decisions and makes you want to scream. Just pathetic.

She’s this oh-so-troubled 19 year old who hunts to provide for her family, because they’re all dumb, spoiled brats. Poor her. She constantly continues to make the worst possible choices. Like, if all those people keep telling you to stay in your room to be safe, why do you run out the door, you prat?! She started out well enough, but deterioted as the book progressed.

Oh also, the best part – she PaInTs. That’s her thing. Except we only hear about it occasionally, like when she’s describing a place – Oh, my painting would never do this place justice – sort of thing. It’s like Sarah forgot to give Feyre her “tick” to make her UnIqUe and QuIrKy like all female protagonists out there.

Tamlin (aka Mr.Perfect) – Where do I even start? He’s probably the worst ever person to fall in love with. Also, the age gap between him and Feyruh worries me. (What is people’s obsession with 3000+ long age gaps? Just ew.) Super overpowered. Oh, also, how could I forget, also SUPER DUPER hot, though we can only see like 2% of his face since he has a mask on. As for the Beauty and the Beast thingy? Throw that out the window, cause there’s no beast factor in play. Tamlin is drop dead gorgeous, as all Fae are. So the main message of loving others because you’re getting to know them is lost. What.

In fact, everything terrible and unforgiveable thing he does (including sexual assault) can be forgiven, ’cause he is just so darn hot. His relationship with Feyre McWhiner is just so wrong on so, so many levels.

Lucien (the only kinda likeable character) – Eh, he was okay. Nice breath of fresh air. I’d have liked to see more of him, but oh, Sarah delights in torturing me, so my wish wasn’t fulfilled.

Amarantha (the token villain) – Laughable. Idiotic. Plain dumb. A glaring example of how not to write villains. Underdeveloped mess (Actually, that sums up the entire book. Huh.)

Rhysand (Disgusting creep) – At first, he seemed like an intriguing, morally grey person. But as we went to the final pages of the book, I wanted to throttle him. He disgusts me to the core. Just yuck. His “deal” with Feyre and what he made her do was terrible. But of course, he’s “the most beautiful male she’s ever seen” so he’s forgiven. (Also. I knew for sure that Feyre and Rhysand were gonna be canon when he first appeared. I was less sure in the last few chapters, but yep, this pair is endgame and apparently Tamlin completely flips around and becomes abusive. I am not even touching the next books.)

Well, that’s just about it, peeps. I’m sorry, but that’s the entire book. Mind-bogglingly stupid. I just wanted to cry. But hey, this book will be useful in 2 ways :

  1. It makes you feel like anyting you ever write, any of your in-progress novels or stories will be better than this mess, and if this book could get published, yours definitely will!
  2. Use it as fuel. (I’m not joking)

Also, on an unrelated note, tomorrow’s Friday the thirteenth. How cool? 😃

This is Moi, signing off with regrets. I’ll see you soon!


11 thoughts on “ACoTaR was…something.

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 This review was utter perfection!!! Like, seriously, I agree with everything – except that this book is “very explicit”. Honestly, Moi, you don’t know the meaning of “very explicit” until you’ve read the sequels and learnt all about Feyre’s future sexcapades that leave mountains trembling or take place in dubiously public areas, such as the sky… 🙄🙈 I do not recommend reading them, except I also kinda do because I’d love to see more people talk about them who also weren’t huge fans 😇 I feel like your reviews would be priceless!

    Also, thanks so much for comparing my amazing book cover knowledge to the epitome of art that is this novel 🥰 I couldn’t have put it better myself! 🤣

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Naemi! And oh no. I’m scared now. 😶😨 Haha, I do love to rant about books, so maybe I’ll torture myself for the sake of content 👀 And yeah, I get that. It seems like everywhere I go, people are worshipping ACOTAR.

      🙈😂 How could I not? The moment I picked it up, I went “Ohh smoldering half faces staring into the void!”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t read this book (and never will), but ohmygoodness I so agree why in the world are authors obsessed with thousand-something year age gaps for their romaaaance? IT’S SO GROSS.

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