The Element(al)s – 10

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Earth’s visit to, erm, Earth had been quite okay until she realised ice creams were a thing.

“Ew, who would voluntarily consume frozen bovine secretion? That too on a waffle cone?” She asked Water, who waved her off. “Um, it also contains sugar and cream. And flavouring.” The vendor blinked, as if sugar and cream and flavouring would help. Air, who’d mostly finished his cone, turned a little green. “When you put it like that…”

Whatever Water said was drowned out by a shrill wee-woo that grew louder. Earth could also see Fire racing toward them, panting furiously, as if she was running for her life. Water gasped as she tumbled onto the table they were sitting on, scaring the ice-cream guy witless.

Water’s ocean eyes turned a violent shade of ultramarine blue as he grinned in excitement. “Holy guacamole, Fire! Are you running from the law?” Fire only coughed in response. Upon closer inspection, she had small burns on her whole body and smelled distinctly of smoke. Her hair was singed badly. Air winced at her burns. The sounds came from a fire engine, not the police.

“Fire…” Earth started sharply. “What did you do?” Fire looked pained.

“Why do you assume it’s my fault?”

“Well, you’re the only one among us who has a long history of arson. Besides, you’ve been burnt. And you smell of smoke. So tell me, what did you do?”

Fire sighed, deflated and yelped as Water touched her arm, which was covered with blisters. “It was an accident, I swear.” Water whistled, tending to her burns. “That library has seen better days, I’ll say that for sure…” Fire smiled grimly, wincing.

Ice-cream Guy craned his neck to look at the library. It was still glowing from the evening light as well as the huge, crackling flames. “Aw man, they just finished rebuilding those…” He turned to Fire. “Is anyone still in there?” Fire shook her head. “No… I don’t think so, at least.”


“Oh hey, look! Stars!” Mini-Fire pointed out and made Earth jump in surprise. Earth, Air and Water had decided that Human Fire was hard to monitor and had told her to revert back to her true form. She’d protested at first, but accepted once Earth told her it wouldn’t hurt anymore, since there was no skin to burn.

But this Fire wasn’t exactly an advocate of silence, either. Saying she “talked” was an understatement. And transportation became an issue, since she could light up whole forests with the slightest touch. Presently, she was sitting on a small candle, flickering with excitement.

Water grabbed the candle from Earth and glared at mini-Fire. “If you don’t be quiet for the next 10 minutes, I’ll put this candle out.” Mini-Fire gasped in horror. “You wouldn’t dare!” She screamed as Water whooshed the candle about, grinning madly. Earth glared at him. “Water!”

Water laughed and passed the candle to Air. “Sorry, it’s just that I haven’t had much power over her in…forever. But now, I can simply throw the candle away, and-“

Fire gave him a dirty look. “You do realise that I can just pop up here and make you disappear, right?” She growled (or rather, squeaked) which wasn’t menacing at all, seeing as she looked like Thumbelina’s sister. Water laughed again. “Oh, you’re adorable…”

Air steered the conversation to more safer topics. “Guys, if I write a book, would you read it?” Ah, right. He was always rambling on about writing a book. Earth had had this conversation with him a billion times before – and every single time she gave him the same answer. “Don’t be ridiculous, of course we would, Air!”

Water shrugged. “I guess so? It depends on what you write about, though.”

“Hm, I don’t have a clear idea yet. But I know it’ll be good.” Air mused. Fire laughed. “No matter what you write about, it’ll always reach only 3 people.” Air responded by blowing out the candle. “What?” He said, a little defensively, as Earth and Water gaped at him. “I needed some peace and quiet…”

It’s been more than 2 months since the last Element(al)s post… Hehe.

Anywho, I know this was a shorter update than usual, but I hope you like it just the same! Speaking of the Elements, I’m still collecting questions. I’m planning to do a Q and A, but an Element(al) version! Which means you can directly ask any of the characters your (heh) burning questions. Or you know, go the boring route and ask me the process and behind the scenes stuff. Your choice. You can go check out this post for more info and enter your questions there or just comment below. I’m looking forward to it!

We’ll meet soon!

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