The Element(al)s – 10.5

Heyo peeps!

Please welcome our special guests – The Element(al)s!!

(loud clapping and cheering ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧)

We’ll be answering all your Element(al) related questions this post!

The Pastel Bicycle –

What is Fire’s favorite food?

F – Oh, um, Elements don’t really “eat” anything. But even so, I’ve ALWAYS loved how S’mores look! But now that I’m (temporarily) human, I prefer marshmallows! I’d eat them forever if I could!

A – Oh no, please don’t get her started on her Ode to a  Marshmallow.

Can Earth just grow plants or can she move dirt around or something like that?

E – *laughs in pure delight* Oh, you naive human… I don’t “move dirt around or something” I am dirt. Though if prefer mud or sand or soil or just plain ol’ Earth.

Will you ever make Element(al)s into a book to publish?

M – Hehe, I don’t think so, to be honest. I’m flattered that you consider that an option, but The Element(al)s is a passion project, a guilty pleasure and that’s all it ever will be (at least, that’s the plan for now)

If I push myself to come up with new chapters and conflicts just to publish a book, I’d grow to dislike the whole concept – the only reason I’m still continuing is because I’m enjoying the process!

Which Element(al) is your favorite?

M – Oh no. How can I possibly answer this question? I love them all! I love them all in differnt ways. I love Fire’s enthusiam (and I share her love for marshmallows!)

F – Hmph, I’m glad someone agrees...

M – I love Air’s inquisitive mind and share many of the same philosophical queries…

A – I already like her!

M – I love Water’s unique take on humanity and am just really really fond of the ocean too much to say I don’t like him!

W – Uh…thank you?

M – And who doesn’t love Earth and her sass? I still haven’t gotten over how clever she is for creating, erm, Phoenixes!

E – That was one of my better achievements! And don’t you dare glare at me, Fire! Be a sport!

Does Air like sushi?

A – Blah blah, Elements, no food thing. But even though I’m human for now, I haven’t really tried Sushi yet. I’d like to, but Water has made it clear that he’ll hate me for eternity if I even think of harming fish. I hear it’s good, though! Remember me the next time you try sushi…

W – Oh, how many times do I have to tell you this? Fish are friends, not food.

Naemi –

Which Element(al) are you most like?

Hm, I’d have to say Air. I find myself wondering and philosophizing far more than I’d like to admit! I also tend to daydream a ton and zone out. I don’t know, something about Air makes me relate to him the most. Besides, Air and I both share the same desire of publishing a book!

Which scene was your favorite one to write so far?

Ooh, definitely the Phoenix quip in the Element(al)s – 3

For the past 15 minutes, Fire had been begging with Earth to create a Phoenix, which was something Fire tended to do when bored. (Earth had, many times, retaliated by creating a city named Phoenix, but Fire didn’t appreciate the humour there.)

Was there anything that you almost put into an Element(al)s post but ended up cutting because you didn’t like it enough to put in out there into the world?

Ooh yep. There was a whole other alternate version of part 4, but it just didn’t feel right. Since it will never see the light of day again, here are a couple of short snippets that might be salvageable :

Water hastily changed the topic – he didn’t need Fire going all Fire on him right now “On a much happier note, my bike’s all repaired.” he started cheerfully, hiding a grin. If anything would distract Fire, this will.

“Wait…you denied its existence a few days ago.” Earth raised an eyebrow, her forest green eyes glazed with suspicion. Fire stared at him, open-mouthed in disbelief. He smiled at them both good-humouredly. “Oops.”

Alternate version of Element(al)s – 4

Air looked over at them, suddenly hyper aware of 3 pairs of eyes watching him. “You really need to get your head outta the clouds.” Earth told him, shooting a you’re-weird glance.

(Earth’s quip is reusable)

“While you’re in a good mood, can you please help me with a HUGE cyclone?” Water asked Air, his eyes shining at the thought of a massive cyclone wiping out the entire human population. “Uh…NO.” Earth answered for him before Air could say something.

Thanks Earth, we owe you one.

If you were to design a book cover for the Element(al)s, what would it look like? 

Oh. Yikes. I’m terrible at book covers. I was just thinking I’d employ you to do that for me, seeing as your pricing is cheap! 😃

And now, for some special questions from people I know irl (Thanks mom.)

Where did you get the inspiration for Fire, Air, Water and Earth?

M – Eh, i was just sitting around one day when I suddenly thought “What if Water was sentient… How would he react to people drinking him?” The idea expanded from that!

To Earth – If Fire was to argue with Air, whom would you support?

A – (offended sputter) I do not argue with Fire!

F – Yeah. You just poof away, ya coward.

A – (more offended sputters) *poofs away*

E – I mostly just tune out their bickering. It’s not worth picking a side over.

F – Ha, I don’t know if I should laugh or be offended.

If you were to cut off one of the Elementals from the series, who would it be? Why?


I refuse to answer this question. Each of the elements are a unique part of this series! It wouldn’t be the same if one of them disappeared.

Whom would you dedicate this series to?

M – Hm. Probably… my family. Thanks for having a bucketload of patience and the sheer willpower needed to deal with me everyday! You’re all rockstars!

Well, that wraps up this Q and A session! If anyone has any more question, we’ll try to cover a few every episode.

Another round of applause for our special guests – The Element(al)s! Yay! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

6 thoughts on “The Element(al)s – 10.5

  1. Definitely repurpose that “head outta the clouds” joke 😂 If you do that, I might even be convinced to sell you a book cover with smoldering half-faces, snakes and all for a discount – you know, like $5,000,000, maybe, seeing how successful The Elementals are bound to be post publication 😜

    And I loved your mom’s evil third question! 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great, somehow i ended up missing another q and a 🙃😭😭.
    Why am I like this?!!
    But must i say this was fab!!! I love the elementals dude, and your dedication. You make me inspired that you know writing a story isn’t all that bad even if you don’t publish it big out there or anything as long as it gives you pleasure.
    I don’t know which elemantal i like most but probably fire or water hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, it’s okay, you can still drop your questions!

      Nehal, thank you so very much! 🥺 And yeah, as long as something makes you happy, why not continue?

      And yep, those are great choices! They appreciate it! 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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