Q n A announcement (sort of)

Hey there. How about a Q and A? But...with a twist! What if...it's Element(al) related? Feel free to ask anything under the Sun (as long as it's related to the Element(al)s series) I'm expecting a million questions! You can ask the characters anything you want, or ask me the process behind each carefully constructed episode … Continue reading Q n A announcement (sort of)


The Element(al)s – 7

Click Here for Part Six Click Here for Part Five Fire sighed. She felt like she hadn’t slept for a thousand years (Yes, she’d never slept or had to sleep before, but still…)  – who knew human bodies could be so frail? On the 24 hours they’d been on the Globe, (specifically, a tiny town … Continue reading The Element(al)s – 7

A MASSIVE Tag + Award Dump

Hello fellow Earthlings! I've been procrastinating working on this post, because as much as I love to be tagged, I'm also lazy. But I'll just have to get to it some time, I guess. So this post. Oh and my blog will officially be a year old in...3 DAYS? Suggest something I could do, please. … Continue reading A MASSIVE Tag + Award Dump

Blog redesign + Hiatus

Hi! How'd you like the new theme? It's fruit! Click here to see the new redesign! I have to go on another hiatus soon...I'll still be stickingarounda couple more weeks though and hopefully, I'll be back by mid - March. I will still be active, I will read your posts and possibly comment, but I … Continue reading Blog redesign + Hiatus