A Heart of Stone – 1

"NO!" My normally calm voice shrieked, echoing through the stone walls. "You can't make me leave!" I could hear the desperation creeping through and I was acutely aware of hot tears stinging my eyes, but I didn't care anymore. How was I supposed to live without him? He was my life, my happiness, a dream … Continue reading A Heart of Stone – 1


Q n A announcement (sort of)

Hey there. How about a Q and A? But...with a twist! What if...it's Element(al) related? Feel free to ask anything under the Sun (as long as it's related to the Element(al)s series) I'm expecting a million questions! You can ask the characters anything you want, or ask me the process behind each carefully constructed episode … Continue reading Q n A announcement (sort of)

Quick Discussion

I recently watched a documentary about the psychology involved behind grief and death, that stuff. I also took some time to explore cryopreservation - the process of preserving your head (or whole body) for an indefinite amount of time. People do this to "escape" death as they believe in the future, there will be new … Continue reading Quick Discussion

The Element(al)s – 8

Click Here for Part Seven Click Here for Part Six “Life isn’t worth living anymore. Moi broke my heart in her latest post…Oh, moonlit seaaa, take meeeeeee!!” Shrieked a young woman who threw herself into the waves dramatically. Earth screamed in horror, shaking Water as hard as she could. “AHHHH, NO! DON’T KILL HER!” Water … Continue reading The Element(al)s – 8

The Element(al)s – 7

Click Here for Part Six Click Here for Part Five Fire sighed. She felt like she hadn’t slept for a thousand years (Yes, she’d never slept or had to sleep before, but still…)  – who knew human bodies could be so frail? On the 24 hours they’d been on the Globe, (specifically, a tiny town … Continue reading The Element(al)s – 7

The Element(al)s – 5

Click Here for Part Four Click Here for Part Three point Five Air picked up the newspaper, whose publisher was still a mystery. If only the others would care. It was a proper sort of mystery and Air rather fancied wearing a detective hat and ordering the others about. He flipped through it dreamily, imagining … Continue reading The Element(al)s – 5

A MASSIVE Tag + Award Dump

Hello fellow Earthlings! I've been procrastinating working on this post, because as much as I love to be tagged, I'm also lazy. But I'll just have to get to it some time, I guess. So this post. Oh and my blog will officially be a year old in...3 DAYS? Suggest something I could do, please. … Continue reading A MASSIVE Tag + Award Dump