A Heart of Stone – 1

"NO!" My normally calm voice shrieked, echoing through the stone walls. "You can't make me leave!" I could hear the desperation creeping through and I was acutely aware of hot tears stinging my eyes, but I didn't care anymore. How was I supposed to live without him? He was my life, my happiness, a dream … Continue reading A Heart of Stone – 1


Let’s talk writing – Death

Haha, I know. Great title. The death of characters is a controversial subject between critics and readers alike. Some think they're a cheap trick to shock readers while others are mad that their favorite characters die. When done correctly, the power of the emotion the character's death gives us lies in how others react to … Continue reading Let’s talk writing – Death

What just happened?!

Okay, I'm in shock right now. Somehow, Bookish Blunders reached  150+ followers! I-wha? Thanks to every single person who has supported me all this while. Big bear hug to those of you still with me! So, I planned to do a Q&A for this milestone, but I'm having some troubles with the comment section getting … Continue reading What just happened?!

Let’s talk writing – Mary Sues

The term 'Mary Sue' is now used for practically everything, but what exactly is a Mary Sue? According to the great Google, Mary Sue is "a type of female character who is depicted as unrealistically lacking in flaws or weaknesses." Mary Sues were originally idealized author insert characters, usually in fanfiction (and then you guys … Continue reading Let’s talk writing – Mary Sues