The Element(al)s – 5

Click Here for Part Four Click Here for Part Three point Five Air picked up the newspaper, whose publisher was still a mystery. If only the others would care. It was a proper sort of mystery and Air rather fancied wearing a detective hat and ordering the others about. He flipped through it dreamily, imagining … Continue reading The Element(al)s – 5


What just happened?!

Okay, I'm in shock right now. Somehow, Bookish Blunders reached  150+ followers! I-wha? Thanks to every single person who has supported me all this while. Big bear hug to those of you still with me! So, I planned to do a Q&A for this milestone, but I'm having some troubles with the comment section getting … Continue reading What just happened?!

Blog redesign + Hiatus

Hi! How'd you like the new theme? It's fruit! Click here to see the new redesign! I have to go on another hiatus soon...I'll still be stickingarounda couple more weeks though and hopefully, I'll be back by mid - March. I will still be active, I will read your posts and possibly comment, but I … Continue reading Blog redesign + Hiatus