5 Hilarious Things about me Tag

Hi! First of all, Happy December! 2020’s coming to an end! πŸ₯³ But this year’s not been that bad for me…😢 So… Boohooray?

I was tagged by Riddhi to do this. You can check out her amazing blog HERE.

This tag was created by Aaliya and you can check out her blog Aaliya’s Nook and the original post HERE!

Let’s begin this tag already!


1. Link the blog of the person who nominated you and the creator of this tag. (I already did, as you can clearly see)

2. Write the rules.

3. Write 5 facts about yourself. (The more wacky and hilarious, the better)

4. Nominate as many people as you like!

5 fun facts about myself

  • I don’t really have a favorite color. πŸ˜… Yeah, I know. I do prefer cooler colors like Teal, Silver and shades of Green and Blue, but I can’t choose one!
  • Sometimes, I feels like all that’s happening is just a dream and I’m still an infant… (I asked a couple friends about this and they said they thought about this too)
  • I don’t like getting up, but then again, I don’t like sleeping.
  • I still watch Mickey Mouse cartoons (What? They are good AMAZING!) and geek about the animation 😝
  • I can NEVER cry at a book or a movie. I read The Fault in our Stars and I didn’t cry. I watched Avengers : Endgame and I didn’t cry (I have a heart, I promise!)


Uh, here’s the thing… I am a bit afraid to nominate anyone because I feel like no one’s gonna do it…πŸ₯² but I’m taking a leap of faith!


So yeah, I nominate anyone who is willing to try out this tag! (And I highly recommend that you do!) It’s super fun and people who read your blog will know a lot more about you!

See you soon!


14 thoughts on “5 Hilarious Things about me Tag

  1. I’ve just only seen a few of your posts and I love how you have tagged me for each of them! xDD
    Loving your posts, greetings from a fellow blogger😘

    Liked by 2 people

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