The Element(al)s – 7

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Fire sighed. She felt like she hadn’t slept for a thousand years (Yes, she’d never slept or had to sleep before, but still…)  – who knew human bodies could be so frail? On the 24 hours they’d been on the Globe, (specifically, a tiny town creatively named ‘Tiny Town’) Fire’d somehow burned down a library, started an all-out food fight, prevented Water from drowning half the human population (thrice), detonated a grenade, climbed up a coconut tree and caused a 2-hour traffic jam.

She and the rest of the Elements were currently stopping at a small, beachside café. They sat down at a small yellow table and Air was busy testing out the tall, spinning chairs. Fire briefly marvelled at the ingenuity of humans before moving onto more pressing issues.

“I’m exhausted…” She groaned, probably a bit too loud – some other people stared at her. Air nodded with no enthusiasm. “I’d say yes, but I’m too tired to say yes…” Earth grinned back at the both of them lazily, saying she was wise enough to conserve her energy, unlike some people around her.

Fire smiled at her, a little sheepish. She hated to admit it, but Earth was right – she hadn’t spent half her day doing cartwheels and racing around with Air. Air decided to be more mature and stuck his tongue out at her. “Pshh, it was worth it.” Water was sitting opposite them, facing the windows with a dreamy look on his face. Fire followed his gaze, perking up as she caught sight of small bonfires dancing up and down near the sea. “I almost forgot this place had a beach!”

Water narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms. “We’re not going to the beach!” Fire’s momentary gusto fizzled down. “Why not?” Before he could reply, a tall bespectacled man clutching a massive book settled down next to Water on a blue swivel chair. He nodded at them politely and dropped the humongous book on the table with an ear-shattering thud, instantly flipping to what seemed like the thousandth page and started reading intently.

A jolly, plump lady caught sight of the five of them and slided over. “What would you like to have?” She beamed at them, setting down a plate of warm cookies before anyone could say anything. Mr. Spectacles looked up from his book absent-mindedly and mumbled he’d just like water, thanks. Fire almost choked on a cookie. Seeing that Water was glowering at her, she passed off a loud guffaw as a violent fit of coughing.

“You know what, it’s getting late. What do you say we go to the beach?” Water scrambled up, clearly flustered. “Sure. That sounds good.” Earth said mechanically, earning herself a kick from Air. “Yep! To the beach we go!” Air cried out, hurrying to the door.

Fire smirked. “Maybe you should stay back, Wat-OW!”


Fire sat down on the sand near the sea, looking up at the multi-coloured sky and grinned at no one in particular. She could catch a glimpse of a throng of people near a huge bonfire, hooting with laughter. She loved the beach.

“I hate the beach…” Water grumbled, looking disgusted at the singing party with the bonfire. “Why would anyone hate the beach?” Earth cocked her head, her brown hair a mess from the wind. “It’s so…noisy.” Water shuddered. “But that’s part of the fun, Wa-” Air stopped after being shushed. “It’s not Water anymore. I’m…um, Horace Harley Owens.” Water hissed, improvising wildly,

“Yeah, no. I already forgot what you said.” Fire shook her head. “It’s a terrible name. Who voluntarily calls themself ‘horse’?”

“It’s Horace!”

“Eh, same thing.”

“No, they’re not!”

“Fire’s right, Wa- human person. You don’t look like a Horace.” Said Earth, smiling a little. “I’m sorry Earth, I didn’t know ‘Horace’ had a look!” fumed Water. “What’s up with your obsession with the name ‘Horace’, anyway!” Air asked him, a little puzzled.

“Well, I-It’s not about “Horace’, specifically…” mused Water. “Just forget it, I’m Water. If anyone asks, it’s a nickname and I’m most definitely human.” Shaking his head in disbelief, he got up to go talk to some kids building sandcastles. “Can you go behind him to see if he doesn’t drown those kids?” Earth asked Fire, a little cautious. “He won’t harm them if you threaten to make him disappear again.”

“I didn’t make him disappear, I just threatened to turn him to water vapour!”

“Yeah, sure.”

Grumbling a little, Fire trudged on, saying a loud “Hi!” to the kids and made Water jump. “Gee, you scared the molluscs outta me!” Fire beamed at the small group of children. “What are you lot doing?” A small girl with jet-black hair smiled back shyly. “We’re makin’ sandcastles! Do you wanna play with us?”

“Sure, that sounds great!”

Fire sat down near the shrieking kids, looking back at the thriving shore and dreamed of life and love.

Howdy doo, folks! I loved writing this installment so much! Fire’s quite literally a sunshine of an Element, super fun to be around – I love her to death! What do you think of the Elements’ stint on the Globe? I think maybe the people have to evacuate the town as soon as they can… (Just a hunch, though)

Also, did anyone catch the H2O joke? I just couldn’t resist!😁 (Okay, yes. It was funnier when I first thought about it) I’m looking super forward to the next Element(al)s post. Oh wow, I’m becoming one of those people who gush about their own writing

Also, news flash, I have an Instagram account. I dunno, it was created on an impulse, but I hope to see you there, hopefully, maybe? I’m quite new to Instagram but eh. I’m just posting random old art for now.

Uhh, here’s the link ->

I’ll make a terrible door-to-door salesman…

Well, I’ll see you soon!

I need some warm cookies in my life

13 thoughts on “The Element(al)s – 7

  1. Moi, I just keep liking these peeps more and more!
    Horace Harley Owens? Ohmygoodness, I can’t believe I didn’t see that- XD
    Gosh… if you would publish this, I would def buy it. It’s brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh i got the h2o joke after you mentioned it!!! Wow that’s clever 🤩🤩
    Also fire saying she threatened to turn him into water vapour was lit 😂 (no pun intended).
    I’m gonna be catching up on the elementals before reading the latest one, I’ve missed these.

    Liked by 1 person

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